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Low noise wind chassis and ordinary air box contrast 2017/08/31
Low noise wind box compared with the commonly used wind chassis equipment is a new type of wind power source, with a large amount of air, low noise, power consumption, easy on-site disassembly and so on. 1. Large air volume: low noise windb...
General steps for fan selection 2017/08/31
1. Before selecting the fan, should understand the domestic fan production and product quality, such as the production of fan varieties, specifications and a variety of products for special purposes, new product development and promotion, e...
Application of negative pressure fan cooling applicatio 2017/08/31
We have encountered a lot of customers are installed high temperature plant axial fans. But the workshop is still so hot, or so much dust and smell. What is the reason? If you stand beside the axis of the axial fan, you do not feel the air...
Centrifugal fan working principle and function 2017/08/31
The working principle of the centrifugal fan is basically the same as that of the turbine compressor. It is only because the gas flow rate is low and the pressure is not changed. Generally, the change of the specific volume of the gas is no...
Fan maintenance personnel precautions 2017/08/31
In order to avoid the occurrence of human failure due to improper maintenance, to prevent the fan and the electrical aspects of the natural failure and accidents, so as to give full play to the performance of equipment to extend the service...


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